Dietary Health Supplements

At Sudeep Nutrition, our team of scientists put in a lot of efforts to create scientifically proven ingredients that support human health by fulfilling their nutritional requirements. We make sure to offer sustainable, high quality and well researched wide portfolios of ingredient solutions which are suitable to manufacture all types of Dietary Health supplements. With a unique history of longstanding food and pharma ingredient expertise, we offer relevant and science based product solutions that supports human nutrition. Our concrete science based approach and advanced technological expertise, help us to provide customised product solutions to streamline the production process of health supplements with highest regulatory and quality requirements. With the help of Microencapsulation technology, we ensure stabilised forms and reliable ingredient solutions that helps to overcome formulation challenges that occur while manufacturing Dietary health supplement.

Our Most Popular Products include

  • Encapsulated Minerals
  • Encapsulated Vitamins
  • Encapsulated Nutrients
  • Encapsulated Nutraceuticals
  • Encapsulated Probiotics
  • Encapsulated Proteins
  • Encapsulated Amino-Acids
  • Encapsulated Botanicals
  • Encapsulated Plant Extracts
  • Encapsulated Anti-Oxidants
  • Encapsulated Fatty Acids
  • Encapsulated Carotenoids

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