Granulation is a widely used essential process technology, in which primary powder particles adhere to each other, resulting in larger homogeneous multi-particle entities or granules

It enhances the density of a drug/active substance and is widely used as an intermediate process within solid dosage manufacturing. Material densification of powders and increase in the particle size is ensured for a better flow of distributed material which is an important factor in the production of tablets and capsules using high speed manufacturing equipments.

Process of Granulation

Dry Granulation by Roller Compaction

Wet Granulation


  • Homogeneity and specific particle size in order to achieve uniformity
  • Suitable for heat and moisture-sensitive drugs
  • Controlled release time
  • Shorter processing time
  • Optimisation of spherical granules
  • Reduces the incidence of dust production
  • Improves the compression properties
  • Enhances the appearance of the finished product
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